17 September 2012

Picking A Name

My first post had to be about picking a name. What's in a name? What does your name say about you? If you could change your name what would you choose? There are so many choices for a blog name but then why does it take so long to decide on the perfect title. You start to think of things that don't even link to what you wanted to write about or who you are. You consider going for anything just so you can get started.
But a name is important. It's the first impression you give someone of your personality. Everyone has names that they don't like and do like. And you make a judgement. You might not realise it, but you do. Take Jane for example, everyone thinks a Jane will be plain and boring. But why? There are plenty of Jane's who defy this stereotype so why do we believe it? Perhaps it's because we want to believe the stereotypes around our own names? Or just because we follow what everyone else does.
I picked the name for this blog 'Always Never Me' because I think it's something everyone can connect with.  There are always times when we hide ourselves from the outside world. Whether it's sitting at home when we could be out with friends or family, applying make-up to disguise our true complexion, telling a white lie to ease an uncomfortable situation or putting a brave face on when really we just want to cry - we all do it. We put on an act so people won't see who we really are or how we really feel. You can deny it all you like but you do it, we all do. We're not being dishonest, just secretive. It's a defence mechanism developed to protect yourself in case people don't like the 'real' you. I don't know if it's necessary. I guess sometimes it can be fun to pretend to be more glamorous or exciting than you really are. And I know people say, 'just be yourself and people will like you', but what if they don't? What if they think you're boring? Rude? Depressing?
Maybe it's okay to be someone else as long as you don't forget who you really are.