8 October 2012

Mistakes Made

I haven't posted in a while as I wanted to make sure I chose something that was important to me and to other people as well. But I don't want this depressing or anything like that. Just something to think about.

So mistakes, everyone makes them. We can try as hard as we like but we can't always control the outcome. But what do you do once you realise you've made one. If it's something small like leaving a light on or forgetting to feed the cat you can easily learn from it or fix it. But what do you do if it's something serious? And what if it's something that affects other people? Even those closest to you?

There are a few things that most people try.

Owning up. Putting your hands up and telling people, "Yes it was me, I did it". But this takes courage. I mean what if the people who matter don't forgive you? What if this time it was one step too far? By choosing this option you take the risk that you might lose the someone you care about. Apologise as much as you like but how do you ever know it it's going to be enough?

Lie about it. Either you claim it wasn't you or it wasn't your fault or that nothing really happened. You completely block out the fact that you made the mistake and you try to shift the blame on to something or someone else, "I was really drunk - I didn't know what I was doing" or "They kissed me". But really here you are just failing to accept that you had a part too in it.

Ignoring it. I do this. I just pretend to myself that nothing has happened and hope this it will go away. But by blocking out what really happened you can't learn from it or move on from what you've done. When you ignoring it, you trap it in the back of your mind, every now and then it comes back to you and you cringe at what you're hiding from yourself and those who matter to you. You cringe at the truth. That you made a mistake, a wrong decision, and that you have to live with the consequences.

I'm not trying to give out any sort of lessons here or make any deep heartfelt confessions. I'm just saying that when you make a mistake you can't just do nothing. If you can't put it right you have to do something or it will just linger on with you forever and you will always think about it for the rest of your life unless you learn to accept that you can't change it. You can learn from it, you can apologise for it and you can try to make up for it but until you accept what you've done, and that it's happened, it's a fixed event in time that you can't ever go back to, then you can't ever move on.

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