21 October 2012


Anyone who has been to my room this term will have seen the quote on my wall, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain". When I first saw it I was immediately drawn to it for no other reason that the fact I like the movie 'Singing in the Rain'. I had read about a hundred clich├ęd phrases and when I saw this I was like "yep that'll do". But I didn't really think about what it really means.

Today I decided to finally clean my room after having left it probably for about a month, and now when I sit on my bed just staring at the walls and waiting for time to pass so I can either have tea or go to my 10am lecture tomorrow (sad I know) I realise this is stupid. I'm just wasting time.

There are so many things people say that they've always wanted to do or wished they'd had the chance to do. And what am I doing with my free time? I'm sitting here shamelessly refreshing facebook/twitter and waiting for something to happen. Anything. Just something to distract me from how boring I am. Someone once said to me, "only boring people get bored" and  so I must be boring. Because I am most certainly bored.

And this is when I read the wall quote again.. And I thought to myself, okay I am not in a storm or anything like that but I should do something rather than waiting for the boredom to pass. It's not raining so I can't go outside and dance around a bit so I'll have to think of something else. Watch a movie, go to the gym, talk to my friends, ring my mum, make something, read a book, draw a picture.. anything!

But what I can't do is sit here WAITING!

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