9 June 2014

Achieve Before I Leave

As promised on Friday, I am posting a list of things I want to 'Achieve Before I Leave' Leicester, in exactly 2 weeks time. I've spent most of my weekend thinking about this, especially as I've had nothing to do. I've had a couple of suggestions from my friends, such as learn to do a Rubik's cube (I have only just realised it's not spelt with an x) which sounded good except I'd have to buy one.. Another idea was booking a holiday but after 3 years of university, I can barely afford take-out, let alone a nice holiday in a country where it is actually sunny.. And finally a few people have said get a job which isn't exactly something I can control. I mean I can apply for loads but when it comes down to it's not me who decides if I get it or not. All I can to it try and hope.

So all of the things on my list are things that I can actually achieve. I was planning to do 10 but I can only think of 8 good ones so if people have any more suggestions that would be great.

So here's what I've got:

1. Go to the international supermarket. It's the giant lime-green supermarket near the bus station and every time I drive past it I tell myself I want to go any have a look. I've been putting it off for almost two years now, I'm not really sure why, but if I don't go I know I'll regret it because it's meant to be really good and unique.

2. Have a big picnic in Victoria Park with all my friends. It's something that I always think of on a burning hot day when I'm in the library slaving away (which doesn't happen thaaat often) or when I walk past and see all these families doing it. I'm always really envious but I don't know why I don't just organise one myself. My friends and I have all finished now so we've got no excuses. And when I say big picnic, I mean BIG. Loads of sandwiches, party rings of course, crisps, cakes, Coca Cola, everything we can think of. Oh, and everyone is invited to join.

3. See Richard III. I'm pretty sure I've actually missed this opportunity.. Which is a bit gutting but I will go to all the museums to do with finding him and the walking trail. It's probably what Leicester is most famous for and other than watching TV documentaries about it I don't really know anything. So I'm going to spend one day learning as much about it all as possible. Then when I come back to visit next year, I'll go and actually see him (if I can).

4. Make a meal with food only bought in the market. Leicester is also famous for its market, which is great. I've bought stuff from there every now and then. Sometimes material and sometimes vegetables but I think it would be a nice challenge to try to do a whole meal with only market produce. Anyone is welcome to join me, eating with others is always more fun.

5. Go to Basement and/or Sophbeck. These are the only two clubs in Leicester that I haven't been to that I actually still want to go to. I can never stomach XY after Wednesday nights.. I've heard pretty good reviews of these two so I definitely want to see what they're like myself.

6. Have a day out with my camera. My family surprised me at Christmas was a professional SLR camera and I haven't used it at all except on the day. This makes me sound so spoilt but in all honest I haven't had an opportunities to use it and I'm a bit scared of breaking it. But now I have time I want to go out for a photography day around Leicester, working out how to use it properly and taking some pictures of the campus and city centre. It's actually quite picturesque in places if you look up.

7. Make sweets. This is something I've really been looking forward to. My brother bought me a vintage sweets book at Christmas and I haven't made any. At all. And I love sweets. You're probably wondering why I have all these presents I don't use - which is fair. I really can't believe I'll need anything this Christmas. Anyway, I have time now so I want to make some. I think I'll go for cola cubes for my brother (he's already placed an order of 1kg) and wine gums for me. I'll let you know how they go..

8. Go to the Pheonix and/or the Curve. The Pheonix is an alternative cinema in Leicester where you can see movies that you wouldn't normally get the chance to see. I've had a look at what's on and I think I'd like to see 'Grace of Monaco', it's staring Nicole Kidman and looks really good. The tickets aren't that expensive so I'm pretty keen on doing this. I may or may not make it to the Curve (Leicester's main theatre) purely because the tickets are quite expensive. If I do go I'll see Birdsong which is on between 17th-21st June but we'll see.

And that's the end of my list. So far. I'm sure I'll think of other things to add but at the moment I'm stuck for more ideas. Please let me know if you think of any good ones or what to join me on any of these.

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